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Hi Friends. I'm currently living in the Pacific Northwest on the Nez Perce Reservation in Idaho. I moved out here in December of 2016 from NYC in hopes of exploring my Nimiipuu (nim-ee-poo) roots and finding a way to contribute to the tribal community. Side note: Nimiipuu is the actual name of my people, Nez Perce was a misnomer, but it stuck. 


While having yet scratched the surface of the history and ways of my Native brothers and sisters, I will be serving my community as an AmeriCorps VISTA (domestic version of the Peace Corps) volunteer beginning in July of 2017. It is an honor to be a member of AmeriCorps, and a privilege to be a part of what I hope will be a positive and lasting change for my people. 

Originally, I'm from Tampa, FL, but have lived for several years in both Boston and New York City. I studied English at UMass Boston before returning to Florida where I got an Associate's degree in Fashion Design and Marketing at IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology) in Tampa. 


Eventually, I made my way to NYC. While there, I pursued a career in fashion through internships and freelance work as a pattern drafter and seamstress. It became apparent to me during this time that it takes more than talent and skill to thrive in the fashion world. It requires a mindset that I was unwilling to adopt. I still love the art of fashion and find myself designing in my head when the muse strikes. 

I guess it could be said that fashion was my foray into the art world. It awakened my creativity. Photography has become my way of connecting with the world and myself. 

Thank you for visiting my site.

Kind wishes,


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